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Whale watching 3
Whale watching 3
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2014-05-04 06:00
2014-05-04 10:00

El evento de altruismo mas importante de Puerto Vallarta. Mayo 4 2014 a las 6pm/ The most important charity event in Puerto Vallarta May 4th 6pm

El Domingo 4 de Mayo del 2014 se llevará a cabo el 10mo Festival Internacional de Altruismo en CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, asiste a este importante evento donde vas a disfrutar de los platillos y los mejores Restaurantes de Puerto Vallarta mientras ayudas a recabar fondos para asociaciones locales. Informes y venta de boletos al

On Sunday, May 4th 2014 we are hosting the 10th International Festival of Altruism at CasaMagna Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, join this important event and taste the delicious dishes created by the best restaurants in town while you help us with your contribution to raise funds for local associations. Informs and ticket sales at

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Community News from Riviera Nayarit

2012-08-05 05:00
2012-08-20 05:00

Hola everyone, hope your all having a great summer but from the looks and sounds of the storm tonight, you all might be getting a little wet. As I was skyping with my better half, I was able to hear and see the awesome lightening and thunderstorm. The dog was barking and the cats where meowing... LET US IN!

I also would like to thank those of you who have sent heartfelt emails this summer, asking to have the newsletter back to its weekly schedule. And so, as you wish. Doesn't seem as thought Jalisco and Riviera Nayarit are ever going to slow down. So here we go, get ready for what I'd like to say is going to be an “Olympic Season” for all of Mexico! Viva Mexico.

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2 People rescued after bridge collapse in Mexico

Community & Area News

The two occupants of a taxi were rescued early Tuesday after a bridge in western Mexico collapsed, authorities said.

The accident cut off the only access route to the Pacific coast resort town of Puerto Vallarta, located in Jalisco state, from the neighboring state of Nayarit.

Several eyewitnesses to the collapse told authorities of the presence of the taxi on the bridge, emergency services personnel in Jalisco told Efe.

The structure partially collapsed about 3 a.m. due to the erosion of its support pillars by the rise of the rain-swollen Ameca River.

The eyewitnesses also reported the presence of another vehicle on the span at the moment of the collapse and authorities are currently trying to either find it or rule out its presence by combing the area with helicopters.

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News of Riviera de Nayarit

Area Activities & Features

Competitors will try to break all previous records at Riviera Nayarit

• The IV International Marlin and Tuna Tournament is offering almost $1.5 million pesos in prizes
• The struggle to break the current weight record set at 332.3 kilos for the marlin category and 176 kilos for the tuna category will begin on August 12th

When the IV International Marlin and Tuna Tournament of Riviera Nayarit begins on August 12, it'll offer almost $1.5 million pesos in prizes. The event will take place at Marina Riviera Nayarit at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, with approximately 60 participating vessels.

PdB Homeowners meeting January 19, 2010


Hola, Punta del Burro Residents!

There will be an important meeting at 10: 00 am January 19, at Monty
andJulie Vincent's Casa Olas. Know your time zone! We are using the Puerto Vallarta time zone..

If you can't make the meeting then there's a Tele-conference number and
password provided for your convenience.

Global Services
Dial-in Numbers:
Toll Free 1-877-228-3100
Toll 1-719-457-5124
(dial 001-719-457-5124 if you are in Mexico)
Participant Passcode: The code will be emailed to you by Lori Cleary or you may request the passcode by emailing and I'll be happy to hook you up.. regards, Joe

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Mal tiempo, fuerte marejada y hasta una “culebra de agua”

History Channel

El choque de sistemas meteorológicos ocasionó mal tiempo el día de ayer en la región, con viento frío, lluvia, cielo nublado a medio nublado, una fuerte marejada y hasta la formación de una de las llamadas “culebras de agua” en la bahía de Banderas.
Desde temprana hora, el frío, la lluvia y la fuerte marejada llamaron la atención de turistas y habitantes locales en el malecón, quienes vieron con asombro cómo las olas se estrellaban en el muro de contención y en algunas partes el mar lo rebasaba para llegar a la calle.
El mayor espectáculo fue ver en aguas de la bahía de Banderas una de las llamadas “culebras de agua”, que presentan la forma de un tornado, pero que es agua del mar que se levanta por las condiciones meteorológicas que confluyen en ese momento.

Retirees Flock to Mexico for the Sun and Health Care

Community & Area News

This is a report from PBS which aired December 28, 2009. Following is the transcript, or you can download the MP3 file of the interview here (2.9 MB), or you can watch the video.

GWEN IFILL: Now: As the health reform debate plays out in the U.S., some Americans are finding new ways and new places to get medical care.

A Most Incredible Day around Punta del Burro!

Area Activities & Features

The sea spray is still drying on my face as less than an hour ago, I stepped off the boat after one of the most incredible days of my entire life!

Yesterday, December 8, 2009 was the first official day of whale watching in the Banderas Bay. After several days of rain, it dawned a gloriously clear and sunny day. Keith picked me up and we were off by 7:45 am, as excited as two kids on Christmas morning!

Arriving at Los Peines pier, I realized it had been several years since I had been to that particular marina. What changes! Parking, a restaurant, benches - the works! I remember the days of it being a muddy and ugly place but no longer.

PEACE Slideshow - Journey (October 2009)

Community & Area News

Here are some great pictures of the October event at Punta del Burro, created by Katherine Fisher, who is one of the main organizers of the group. If you are interested in participating, we're sure you'll enjoy viewing this slideshow. For more details on how you can take part in one of the upcoming events, click here.

PEACE Collage
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